The best concrete pool builders Brisbane

Concrete Pool BuildersAt Ecopools, we are inarguably the best concrete pool builders Brisbane giving you value for your hard-earned dollars.

Concrete pools offer the highest quality of pool built and understandably so; when you offer us a contract as the best concrete pool builders in Brisbane, our final product will last for years without requiring any repair or maintenance.

Our word is our bond. You can also try our Brisbane swimming pools.

Depending on your preference, we will either use gunite or shotcrete, both mixtures of sand and concrete at differing concentrations, to spray onto the metal frame. Here’s how we achieve the ultimate concrete pools;

#1 Marking out and excavating the area of installation in your yard

After specifying the potential location of your concrete pool, we excavate a depth of between 9-12 inches; the depth has to be more than that of your pool for floor surfacing purposes. All around the pool, we leave enough room to accommodate sufficient working space. Our undisputed concrete pool builders Brisbane then get to the real work!

#2 Installation of plumbing and use of PVC pipe as well as strong bonding material

The plumbing caters for, first and foremost, the draining of the pool at the bottom; this ensures safe and hygienic flow of water throughout the pool. At this stage, we test the system’s pressure hydrostatically and ascertain there are no leaks, proving ourselves as the most sought after concrete pool builders Brisbane.

#3 Installation of a steel frame all around the swimming pool.

The steel frame covers the bottom and sides of the swimming pool. Serving as a frame to the concrete, the rebar provides the concrete with a large surface area to adhere to and ensures the pool maintains its shape when it’s all dried up. For the longest durability, as the best concrete pool builders Brisbane, we place the steel in a grid formation. We also install frames at this juncture for creation of interior features like stairs.

#4 Spraying gunite or shotcrete onto the rigid steel rebar

Our professional pool installers use the latest machines to apply gunite or shotcrete; we prefer the dry mix method as it reduces the need for water. In order to ensure it cures properly, the gunite or shotcrete is sprayed through a hose every day for five days.

#5 applying a finish on the interior basin

This is where your input is needed the most; since we are building your pool, you get exclusive rights to choose exactly how you want the interior designed. To help you out, we have several designs which you can look at for inspiration before settling on one or coming up with an original interior design. We will be more than happy to comply with your wishes. Basically, you get to choose from marble, tiles or paint.

#6 Installing coping around the pool’s lip

This is the pool’s edge décor which you also get to choose. As a way of guiding you, we recommend that the pool’s interior matches up with the coping as well as the decking (walking room). The coping may either be marble, stone or concrete.

#7 Filling the pool with water

This is the fun part; the pool’s all done and we get to fill it with water for you to enjoy it. The water may either be from your home or shipped in depending on its availability and pricing. We won’t leave without teaching you how to go about treating the water and how often you should change it.

We are glad to be of service.

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