Concrete pools in Brisbane Experts

Concrete Pools BrisbaneAre you looking for the best concrete pools Brisbane ?

Look no more; at Ecopools, we have perfected the art of Concrete Pools Brisbane over time and deliver the highest quality pools in a timely manner. Our concrete pools last for many years without needing any maintenance or repair services.

Depending on your preference, we use gunite or shotcrete, both mixtures of concrete and sand, to spray the pools metal frame for rigidity and endurance.

Unmatched concrete pools Brisbane has ever seen, here’s what we’ll do;

1. Excavating the designated pool area

We excavate a depth of between 9-12 inches; the depth has to be more than that of your pool for floor surfacing purposes. While at it, we ensure there’s enough room for our crew to work with in deliver to our clients the most unique concrete pools Brisbane has. The work has just started.

2. Installing plumbing works with the use of PVC pipes and strong bonding metal

The plumbing caters for the drainage of the pool at the bottom which ensures safe and hygienic flow of water throughout the pool. The system’s pressure hydrostatically to ascertain there are no leaks that would introduce impurities in the pool water.

3. Installing the steel frame

During concrete pool builders Brisbane construction, steel frames are an integral part as they form the pool’s backbone. In ensuring that your concrete pool weathers all forms of storms, metaphorically, the steel frames are placed in grid format for the utmost strength. Without these, the pool will collapse and develop cracks soon after its completion. For interior designs such as step in stairs, additional steel frames conforming to the design are also installed.

4. Spraying of Gunite onto the firm steel rebar

Our professional pool installers use the latest machines to apply gunite. We prefer using the dry mix method as it reduces the need for water. In order to ensure it cures properly, the gunite is sprayed through a hose every day for five days to allow for ample curing time.

5. Finishing touches on the inside basin

The best concrete pools Brisbane demand a well-structured finish that is a specialty at Ecopools. We have several designs of our own but should you have a unique design pattern, we implore you to share the idea with us as this is your dream pool; it should come out exactly as you’ve been imagining it. You get to choose whether to use tiles, different shades of paint or the alluring marbles.

6. Installation of coping on the lips of the pool

Just as the case with the interior finish, the coping should ideally match with the interior design; this will make yours stand out from other concrete pools Brisbane has to offer. The coping may either be marble, stone or concrete and should also ideally match with your pool’s decking.

7. Filling the pool

This is the fun part; after all construction works have been implemented artistically, the pool is filled with water that’s either from your home or shipped in. We won’t leave without training you how to go about treating the water and how often you should change it.

Your dream pool is only a click away; kindly contact us for more information about Concrete Pools Brisbane builders and a free price quote.