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Why trust Eco Pool Solutions to deliver your outdoor oasis? Because simply they are one of the top swimming pool builders Brisbane. Owned and operated by former NRL footballer and Brisbane Bronco player, John Plath, Eco Pools have been creating custom, quality and affordable swimming pools for more than 15 years. Eco-designed and built swimming pools can be found in many homes all over Brisbane with hundreds of satisfied pool owners, there is no other company better placed to bring your dream swimming pool and outdoor area to life.

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How much does it cost to build a Pool in Brisbane

The average cost to get a pool built in Brisbane is between $40,000 and $80,000. Obviously the cost of your swimming pool depends heavily on a number of factors.

What contributes to the cost of a pool?

At Eco Pools we consider the “Cost” of a Pool to not only include the actual Swimming Pool itself, but also all the other aspects needed to create a safe and enjoyable area in your yard.

The size of your swimming pool

  • The length & Width of the Pool will obviously have a big impact on your overall costs, from the amount of Spoil to be Excavated & Removed, right through to the Finished Interior.

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  • However, due to most Contractors having minimum charges, there can actually be not a lot of difference between a 5 x 3m Pool and a 7x3m Pool.
  • A 9m Pool or a 10m Pool? This is where there can be a large “jump” in the costs of the Pool, as at around these lengths the actual Engineering requirements change throughout the whole Pool. From a useability point of view, a 10 metre Pool won’t be of much more use than a 9m Pool, so spend your money on other aspects of your Pool (or even just keep it in your pocket!).

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Access to where the pool will be built

  • Excavation and removal of Spoil is always a key component of your costs
  • It is normally based on a Provisional Sum –

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  • Items to be taken into account should be both Access and also Soil Conditions (e.g. Rock, Sand etc)
  • Tipping Fees – Within the Industry these are not normally included in the Provisional Sum, and are dependent on whether a Free Site is available or if a Paid Site is required.
  • Ideal situation is to be able to use an 8 Tonne Excavator with a direct load into 10m Tippers, unfortunately this is a very rare scenario. Basically the smaller the access, the smaller the machinery, the larger the costs.
  • Basic measurements – 8 Tonne excavator 2400mm access needed
  • 3 Tonne Excavator 1600mm access needed
  • 1.5 Tonne excavator 1000mm access needed
  • Most sites require a Bobcat/Positrack to transfer the spoil from the Pool area to the Tippers, narrow/tricky access can slow this process down and as we all know, time is money.

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pool Site Levels

  • Is your Yard Flat or Sloped?
  • Normally the most cost effective way to build a Pool is to Excavate and use the “Earth” to Steel and Spay Concrete against.

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    However, many sites are sloped and may need Form Working in the areas where it is above existing ground level. Even though you have a saving on actual Excavation Costs, it is normally more expensive to “Form” a Pool, and of course the costs increase with any Paving or Decking etc around the Pool

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Pool fencing

  • Are you going to use glass fencing or Aluminium Fencing (or a combination of both)?
  • What actual length of fencing will you require?

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  • Remember, any metal object that is closer than 1250mm to the Pool Water, will need to be earthed.

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Pool Boundary Fencing

  • Proximity to Fencing – If the Waterline of the Pool is closer than 1500mm to the Boundary fence, then the Fence needs to be at least 1800mm in height and “Splash Proof” (this means no gaps or cracks in the Fence).

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  • Alterations to existing Fencing to meet Pool safety regulations may be required.
  • There are two options to meet these Safety Regulations, and we refer to them as either the Non-climbable Option (stopping the child from climbing the Fence from next door) or the Non-climb downable Option (having a sheer drop on your side of the Fence).

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Pool tiles, Interior and surrounding landscaping

  • Type of Coping & Body Tiles around the Pool are important to decide on early in the process. Both Size (400x400mm, 600x600mm) of the Paver along with the Quantity needed, will impact on costs.

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  • Any Paving external to the Coping of the Pool should be laid on a Concrete Slab. While this will increase your costs as opposed to just “Sanding” Pavers in, your paved area will stand the test of time.
  • Will you have a Waterline Tile? Apart from the Aesthetics, it is good building practice to run a Waterline Tile around the Interior Wall of the Pool (we would normally base this on a full sheet of tiles at 300mm deep). By running this tile band you will help prevent a “High Tide” Line (some refer to it as a “scum line”) forming, this is where debris and fading from the Sun occurs on your Interior Product.
  • What type of Pool Interior are you wanting? This will vary from the standard Pebble all the way through to a Fully Tiled Pool.

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Pool Electricity and plumbing

  • How far will the electricity and plumbing need to be brought in? Pool Filtration Units are normally best placed on their dedicated Power feed from the Switch Box, and depending on where this is, will influence your actual Pool costs.

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  • Underground services such as Storm Water & Sewer, both Council and/or Private Infrastructure need to be taken into account. Relaxations may be needed if building close to Councils Infrastructure, where your own pipes may be moved.
  • Brisbane City Council requires the backwash run to StormWater, where most other Councils require it to be run to Sewer.

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Pool Builder Extras

  • Are you planning to have a spa? While Spas do create an environment where you can “Swim all year round”, they are an expensive item to build correctly. Normally you would use a Gas Heater on a Spa, which allows you to Heat the Spa rapidly (normally in around an Hour and a Half), so the costs of Gas Plumbing would also be needed to be included in your overall costs.

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  • Will there be any water features? Normally built using “Besser” Blocks, with Steel Reinforcing and Core Filling with Concrete. The wall then needs finishes, which could mean using some form of Cladding (Stackstone, Tile) in conjunction with Rendering remaining Surfaces.
  • Pool Heating – Heat Pumps or Solar heating
  • Pool Covers & Rollers

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Quality Pool Builders

Our qualified Brisbane pool builders know what it takes to build you a pool which will stand the test of time and provide you with years of hassle free enjoyment in Brisbane

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Northside, Southside or Bayside. Our concrete pools are built to the highest Australian standards meeting all specifications and required council and government regulations.

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Stunning Designs

A modern state of the art design for your new pool will provide you with the stunning entertaining area you have always wanted. John will sit down with you face-to-face and give you beautiful design options to suit your needs.

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Friendly & Honest

Don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials from our customers. John and his team pride themselves on honest, friendly advice which means you can avoid the costly surprises which some of our competitors

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hit you with, once they’ve started building your pool.

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Affordable Pricing

John will sit down with you and provide you with many different options to suit your budget and timeframe for the pool build. Our competitive pricing and flexible options mean you get the best price every time.

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Experience (15 Years)

John and his team have over 15 years of experience building pools in Brisbane. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen before! When you meet John you will see straight away he knows what

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he’s talking about, and he knows how to build you and your family the pool of your dreams!

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On-Time & On-Budget

Our happy customers will tell you we do what we say we are going to do! Our Brisbane pool builds are on-time and on-budget with no nasty surprises. Yes, needless to say, you’ll love

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our swimming pool builders Brisbane! Fill out the form on this page to get a quote today. Or just give us a call.

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Pool Builders Brisbane Quote Tips

Prior to getting Quotes, we would recommend doing some “homework” first –

  • Site Plans (A phone call to Council will normally start this process)
  • Drainage Plans (these can show both Council & Private Infrastructure)
  • Soils Report (if available, otherwise one should be obtained prior to you signing off on a Contract with any Builder)
  • Check on your Local Council Website for “Interactive Mapping” to look for areas of Flooding, Overland Water Corridors etc.


Experiment with where you would like to position the Pool –

  • Drop into your local Hardware and buy a can of Line Marking Paint and a Tape Measure.
  • Go to the area where you think you would like to place the Pool and consider the following –
    • How far away from House/Patio/Shed?
    • How far-off Boundary Fencing, keeping in mind whether you wish to leave a Garden Area between the Pool and Boundary fence and also how many Rows of Pavers/Coping you may wish to have (try to work on 400x400mm Pavers or increments thereof).
    • How wide and long the Pool may be.
    • Positions of Benches and Steps in the Pool.
    • How many Rows of Pavers/Coping you may wish to have on ends and sides of Pool before you run your Pool Fencing. We would recommend at least an 800mm wide area between your Pool and the Pool Fence to create a usable “Path” in that area of the Pool
    • Sometimes it is better to think about where you wish to run your Pool Fencing first (this may depend on how much open yard you want to retain), and then work back from there. Think of it as a Frame around a Picture, whatever the size of the Frame is, then the Pool, Paving, Gardens etc will need to work within that space. So measure where the Pool Fence may be running then work inside of that for Pavers/Coping, Pool, Garden etc.
    • Consider where you would like to place the Filtration System, these are normally best placed at the same level as the Pool, but you can screen them with Feature Walls or even hide them in a Garden area.
    • Remember, while the Pool itself is important, how it ties into any existing Entertainment Areas and creating an area to suit your lifestyles in and out of the Pool, is just as important.
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