Concrete Pools


We believe the reason to build with concrete can easily be summed up in 4 Key areas:

    • Flexibility – Custom design a Pool to meet your unique & individual tastes & needs
    • Durability – Correctly Engineered & built, Concrete Pools will last for Generations
    • Home Value – A concrete pool designed & built to enhance your outdoor living will maximise the value of your property (just ask a Real Estate Agent!)
    • Finishes – This key aspect is (apart from the pool shape) the most important visual aspect of your Pool. Concrete pools give you the greatest flexibility in creating both internal and external finishes to match your desires.

Pumps & Filters

The swimming pool pump is the heart of the pool system, it plays a critical role in keeping your pool in good health. Its role is to pump water in a continual cycle, from the pool through the filter and chemical treatment system (if installed) and back to the pool again via return lines in the pool wall.
Eco Pools, through using state of the art “variable speed” Pumps, are able to reduce both your running costs as well as significantly reducing the noise levels associated with a single speed pump.
Like the pool pump, the filter is an essential component of every pool. There are essentially two common types of filter sold in Australia, sand and cartridge. Both have their benefits, so it really comes down to personal choice and preference.
Sand filters are still the most commonly used filters in Australia. Robust, durable and low maintenance, sand filters can also be filled with different filtration media such as recycled Glass (this comes standard in an Eco Pool Solutions system) for more effective filtration. Read more…
Sand filters strain the water from the surface of your skimmer box, filtering out impurities. These impurities eventually clog up the sand, which should be cleared every 6-8 weeks using a process called backwashing. Backwashing is greatly reduced if the sand is replaced with the recycled glass product.
Cartridge filters use less water and filter finer particles than sand filters. Cartridge filters also require less water flow and less energy to effectively filter your pool water. They are however a little more cumbersome to clean than the Sand Filter.
Sanitation is the process of destroying organisms that are harmful to People. These organisms, referred to as pathogens, include bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Chlorination also controls algae (which are not usually harmful themselves, but may harbor pathogenic organisms). In addition to being unsightly, algae can cause the surfaces around the pool to become slippery and unsafe.
Oxidation is the process of chemically removing organic debris, such as body waste, particulate matter and perspiration, from the water. The process is similar to burning trash in air. It is not important to understand the chemistry involved; it is sufficient to know that enough chlorine in water will chemically “burn” impurities.
There are many alternatives on the market to sanitise & oxidise your Pool (Dosing Systems, Ionisation/UV etc), with the Salt Water Chlorinator still the most popular system on domestic pools.
However, Zodiac have a great alternative to the standard Salt Water Pool, by using a slightly different system & Magnesium Minerals. With the use of the MAGNAPOOL System, the pool is beautiful to swim in, environmentally friendly and beneficial to our health and wellbeing. MagnaPool’s revolutionary blend of minerals provides pool water that is a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt water or manually chlorinated pools.
There are many options available to clean the Floors & Walls of your Pool, with a myriad of brands spruking their individual products and benefits. We believe it can be simplified a little using the 3 Categories below.
Infloor Cleaning System
This is the ultimate way to clean & circulate your pool, with Eco Pool Solutions being fortunate enough to hold a Licence to install the Paramount PCC2000 system.
The PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System keeps your pool clean and healthy with a virtually invisible, automatic dirt and debris removal system designed specifically for each individual pool or spa. PCC2000 is a system that is custom engineered (through the use of CAD engineering software) specifically for the pool you create. The pop-up spray nozzles are built into your pool during construction, and will clean steps, benches, fountains, walls and spas, allowing you all the flexibility you could desire when designing your pool.
The pop-up nozzles push debris from every corner of your pool to the “Patented Collection Zone”, which is an area that stretches across the deepest part of the pool, and from here the debris is directed to the active main drain. The waste then moves to the debris containment canister designed for convenient poolside access.
The environment has a serious effect on the maintenance and management costs of a pool. Both heat and chemicals escape the water more rapidly at the surface of the pool due to evaporation. Whilst it is impossible to eliminate that fact, it can be significantly reduced if by returning heated and chemically treated water to the floor of the pool. As the pop-up nozzles push the water towards the collection point, the water is continually circulated, resulting in lower heat and chemical losses and lower costs for you over the life of your pool.
Suction Cleaners
Suction cleaners are designed to be simply attached to your skimmer box via a Vacuum Plate. They are powered by the suction of your filtration pump whilst they vacuum the floor in a random pattern picking up debris and placing it in the skimmer basket.
While this form of Cleaner is still the most popular, they do however compromise the ability of your Skimmer Box to be able to do its job of skimming the water surface of debris before it falls down slowly through the water column.
Heavy leafed areas are not an ideal environment for a Suction Cleaner, with alternatives like the PCC2000 Infloor Cleaning System or a Robotic Style Cleaner, being a better & more efficient option.
Robotic Cleaners
Robotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting debris in a bag or cartridge within the cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners have built-in intelligence that ensures they don’t get stuck in corners and on steps and provide better coverage than suction cleaners.
Robotic cleaners are not ALWAYS the best cleaning solution for every pool. For instance, for pools that are subject to lots of fine debris such as sand and silt, we recommend Infloor Cleaning Systems or the Suction Cleaner option.
One of the great features of a Robotic Cleaner, is that one its job is done, you can simply remove it from the Pool. This leaves you with a Pool free of hoses and ready for use.
Heating your Pool or Spa to extend your swim season or even enabling you to swim all year round, is a great way to enhance and maximise your lifestyle. There are 3 common ways to do this, so the decision you have to make is what are your expectations and desires for the usage of your Pool, and then we can recommend the correct option for you.
Gas heaters are best for heating smaller volumes of water quickly, as they use direct and constant heat from a flame either through natural gas (from the Street) or LPG Bottles. Hence we normally associate Gas Heaters with Spas, as they give is great flexibility to obtain temperatures of up to 40 Degrees from a startup temperature that could be a low as 10-12 Degrees, in the space of a few hours.
Heat pumps use the same principle as reverse cycle air conditioners. They extract heat from the air (even down to sub zero temperatures) and, through a series of compression and transference technology, heat the pool water.
The great benefit of this technology is the low running cost. In a side-by-side comparison, a heat pump will cost around 60% less to run than a gas heater, making pumps perfect for anyone who wants to have their pool available for an extended swim season or in fact swim 24/7, 365 days a year.
One of the heat pumps key advantages over solar systems, is that they still work in cold or overcast conditions (& at Night!). When used in conjunction with a solar or thermal blanket, a small heat pump can cost as little as a few dollars per day to run.
Thanks to energy straight from the sun, once solar is installed your pool will be heated for “cs1 FREE” (please note that usually a dedicated water pump is used to circulate the water through the system). The cool water from the Pool is simply pumped up to the roof, is heated by the solar matting and returned to the pool a much warmer temperature.
It is important to have realistic expectations with Solar, as it will only extend your Swimming Season (depending on ambient temperatures) by 2 to 3 Months. Once the night time temperature begins to drop, whatever heat gain you made during the day you will lose overnight, so you will be back to start in the morning.
With Pool Solar Systems you are ideally trying to achieve “100% Coverage” which means replicating the surface area of the Pool (8x4m Pool = 32m2 of Matting) on your Roof. This can be problematic as normally the best aspect (North) is being taken up by Solar Energy Systems, alternative aspects can be used however the system will be less effective.



Is your Pool looking a little tired & run down? Are the finishes starting to become out dated? Or do you just want to start enjoying your Pool & Entertainment areas again? If you answer yes to any of these questions then Eco Pool Solutions can help.
We have renovated many Pools, from updating Coping & Paving, installing new Interiors & Tiles, altering the shape of the Pool, through to even adding a Spa to the existing Pool, Eco Pools has done it all. So if you want to start enjoying your Pool area again, and would like to add some value to your Property, contact us at Eco Pool Solutions and we can organise a site visit and an obligation free Quote.


This is the term used for the area on top edge of the Pool. There are numerous products that can be used as Coping, with the most popular being Pavers or Tiles, as well as various formats that these can be layed in.
While we try to use natural stones where we can (Granite, Travertine etc), at Eco Pools we understand that the finishes are a very personal taste, so we are able to meet just about any request.
There are two reasons to run a band of Tiles around the upper edge of the Pool wall. Firstly from an aesthetic point of view it will add colour, texture and class to a pool, and while most clients choose Glass Mosaic or Ceramic Tiles, once again we are open to cater to our client’s personal tastes.
The second reason to install a Tile Band is one of longevity. The area above the waterline of the Pool is continuously exposed to both the Sun & the elements, and will fade and stain over time. With the use of a Tile band you will maintain that “new pool” look for many years to come.
Also called the “Pool Deck”, it is the finished area behind the Coping on the Pool’s edge. In years gone by (unfortunately some Builders are still doing it) this area was generally built by using compacted “crusher dust” or a similar product. However after only a few short years pavers will move & drop, weeds will come through, and your Pool area will look old and tired.
At Eco Pool Solutions we always use a concrete base, whether poured in conjunction with the Pool or as a separate slab, and then the Pavers/Tiles are layed and grouted on top. While we would normally use the same material as the Coping, Timber Decks and alternative materials can also be as effective.
There are also many formats of tiling that can be achieved, from your standard classical bonds through to French Patterns and the like, at Eco Pools we strive to be flexible to suit our client’s wishes.
This can sometimes be the hardest decision to make, and the end result will also depend on specific site situations and positioning of the pool. Below are 5 of the more popular options that we use at Eco Pools.
Smooth Pebble – This is a 1-2mm rolled Pebble finish, that is applied to the concrete pool shell, rendered and exposed. This is the most cost effective product to use, as well as a very hardy one.
The basic principle of a Pebble Interior (this is what happens in nature) is that White & Black Pebble reflects sky Blue, with Gold, Red & Brown Pebble reflecting a green colour.
Aqua Neon – This is also a Pebble based product but has a wide selection of Glass Beads that can be introduced to create a point of difference to the Interior of your Pool. A pure white cement is used in the mix to create a very clean finish, which is also a lot smoother finish than a standard Pebble Interior. (Pool must be run as a “fresh water” pool for the first 4-6 weeks)
Quartzon – A sand based Render that has Oxides (colours) blended through it, is applied to create a smooth coloured finish to the Pool. You are able to achieve a large range of colours from whites to greens to dark blues, depending on your personal tastes.
Because of the use of colours in the mix, it is important to maintain very strict water testing and balancing routines, as this style of finish (if neglected) is very hard clean any stains, calcium marks etc that may appear. (Pool must be run as a “fresh water” pool for the first 4-6 weeks)
Jewels4Pools – This product is made from recycled glass, and is applied via a render to the Pool. It is a smooth finished interior surface with a vast array of colour options available to choose from. While a dazzling finish in any Pool, we would highly recommend it in shady or covered areas to really bring your Pool to life.
Tiled – If you’ve been in a fully tiled pool before you would have marvelled at the smooth feel, and when you combine this with being able to achieve any colour you want, no wonder it is the most desired finish in a pool.
Water Features can add a touch of fun, elegance and ambience to a Pool area. There are a variety of options that can be individualised to suit your needs and wishes. Using Block Walls to hide Sheer Decents & Spill Ways, or Deck Jets & Spouts mounted in the Coping, we are sure we can create something for you.



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