pool quote tips

Pool Builders Brisbane Quote Tips

Prior to getting Quotes, we would recommend doing some “homework” first –

  • Site Plans (A phone call to Council will normally start this process)
  • Drainage Plans (these can show both Council & Private Infrastructure)
  • Soils Report (if available, otherwise one should be obtained prior to you signing off on a Contract with any Builder)
  • Check on your Local Council Website for “Interactive Mapping” to look for areas of Flooding, Overland Water Corridors etc.

Experiment with where you would like to position the Pool –

  • Drop into your local Hardware and buy a can of Line Marking Paint and a Tape Measure.
  • Go to the area where you think you would like to place the Pool and consider the following –
    • How far away from House/Patio/Shed?
    • How far-off Boundary Fencing, keeping in mind whether you wish to leave a Garden Area between the Pool and Boundary fence and also how many Rows of Pavers/Coping you may wish to have (try to work on 400x400mm Pavers or increments thereof).
    • How wide and long the Pool may be.
    • Positions of Benches and Steps in the Pool.
    • How many Rows of Pavers/Coping you may wish to have on ends and sides of Pool before you run your Pool Fencing. We would recommend at least an 800mm wide area between your Pool and the Pool Fence to create a usable “Path” in that area of the Pool
    • Sometimes it is better to think about where you wish to run your Pool Fencing first (this may depend on how much open yard you want to retain), and then work back from there. Think of it as a Frame around a Picture, whatever the size of the Frame is, then the Pool, Paving, Gardens etc will need to work within that space. So measure where the Pool Fence may be running then work inside of that for Pavers/Coping, Pool, Garden etc.
    • Consider where you would like to place the Filtration System, these are normally best placed at the same level as the Pool, but you can screen them with Feature Walls or even hide them in a Garden area.
    • Remember, while the Pool itself is important, how it ties into any existing Entertainment Areas and creating an area to suit your lifestyles in and out of the Pool, is just as important.