Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

It can generally takes about two to three months to complete the actual construction phase; depending on the level of difficulty involved with the project. Prior to construction, we need to obtain Engineering & Council Approval for the Pool building which can take approximately 2 to 3 weeks. This time period may extend a little if Relaxations (Special Request) for approval are needed.

With regards to boundaries, we are able to build right to them, however there are some regulations that will dictate height and type of fence/screen that will need to be erected or modified. With existing buildings it varies as to the distance we need to maintain off them and it also depends greatly on soil types etc., as to the impact we may have on the building’s foundation.

Swimming pool and spa owners are required by law to have a pool fence or safety barrier around their pool. Government standards and regulations stipulate how the fence should be designed and constructed, and also how to maintain the fence in accordance with Australian Standards. Pool fences must be non-climbable by young children and need to include self-latching gates.

At Eco Pools we endeavor to include all items needed at point of Quote. However there are some items that we may not be able to Quote on initially, these include Electrics, Earthing of Fencing and Waste Water disposal. These items require external contractors to inspect the site to ascertain accurate costings for our Clients.

As we individually design and construct our Swimming Pools to maximize the space and expectations of our Clients it is not practical for us to have a display centre. We rely on the quality of our work and the service provided to our existing and past Clients to then be able to call upon them to show off the end results and finishes. In saying this we are very much respect the privacy of our Clients, and try not to impose on them too much.

Standard excavation equipment requires a minimum of 3 meters. If access is limited we can use smaller machinery which reduces the required access to approximately 1 meter, however this will affect the cost of the excavation and should be identified at time of Quoting.

A relaxation for approval may or may not be required. It is dependent on your property and the location you wish to position your pool. We will advise you during our initial consultation.

  • Once the building permit has been issued we do a ‘set out’ – the pool is marked out on the property to show the exact location and shape, along with any additional Tiles areas and Fencing.
    • We then begin the first construction stage where your pool is excavated and the soil removed (a temporary aluminium fence is erected around the Pool).
    • This is then followed by the placement of all Form Work, Steel & Plumbing that is required, with the steel frame of the Pool being inspected by an Engineer.
    • A specialsed crew will spray the concrete up against the steel frame and ‘cut’ it into shape. The pool will then sit for approximately 28 Days while the concrete cures and reaches a sufficient strength.
    • The formwork is then stripped away to reveal the finished pool shape.
    • The next process is to get any Paving & Tiling completed, along with installing the Filtration Equipment. Around this stage the Permanent Fencing is installed.
    • Once all Pool Fencing and Boundary Fencing have been erected or modified, an inspection of the Fencing is arranged with the Certifiers. Upon receiving notification that the all Fencing has been approved, we then Finish the Interior of the Pool and fill with water.
  • Once the Pool has been filled, the Equipment is started and a comprehensive checklist for handover of the Pools is undertaken.

Both are stones but are very different in their composition and characteristics. The greatest difference is in the softness, porosity, and durability when marble is compared with granite. Granite is just a lot harder than marble.

At Eco Pools we take great pride in the relationships we have formed with our Clients, and as a part of this relationship we encourage you to contact us directly with any questions or queries you may have with regards to all aspects of the Pool & Equipment.

We also like to make sure we are providing the best equipment available, which means if there are any “problems” with any of these items, please contact us directly and we will contact the manufacturers and work with you to get a result.

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