This is the term used for the area on the top edge of the swimming pool. There are numerous products that can be used as coping, with the most popular being pavers or tiles, and the various formats these can be laid in.

Where possible we use natural stones like granite and travertine, but we understand finishes are a very personal taste, so we are able to meet just about any request.


There are two reasons to run a band of tiles around the upper edge of the swimming pool wall. Firstly from an aesthetic point of view it will add colour, texture and class to a pool, and while most clients choose glass mosaic or ceramic tiles, these aren’t the only options and we can cater to personal taste and design.

The second reason for the longevity of your swimming pool. The area above the waterline of the pool is continuously exposed to the sun and outside elements and will fade and stain over time. By applying a tile band your swimming pool looks beautiful for longer.


The pool deck or surrounds, is the finished area behind the coping on the swimming pool’s edge. In years gone by, and unfortunately still, some builders created this area using compacted ‘crusher dust’ or a similar product. However after only a few short years pavers will move and drop, weeds will come through, and your Pool area will look old and tired.

At Eco Pool Solutions we always use a concrete base, whether poured in conjunction with the swimming pool or as a separate slab, then lay the pavers/tiles and grout over the top. While we would normally use the same material as the coping, timber decks and alternative materials can be really effective for the Brisbane landscape.

There are also many formats of tiling that can be achieved, from your standard classical bonds through to french patterns and the like, at Eco Pools we are flexible and our approach is to always work with you to achieve your dream swimming pool and outdoor space.


This can be one of the hardest decisions to make for your pool, and the end result will also depend on specific site situations and the swimming pool’s position. As one of Brisbane’s leading pool builders we have experience with various interiors and here are the five that we recommend you choose from.

  1. Smooth Pebble – This is a 1-2mm rolled pebble finish that is applied to the concrete pool shell, rendered and exposed. This is the most cost effective product to use, and it is also very hard wearing. The principle of a pebble interior comes from nature – the white and black pebbles reflect sky blue, with gold, red and brown pebble reflecting a green colour.
  2. Aqua Neon – This is also a pebble-based product but has a wide selection of glass beads that can be introduced to create a point of difference to your pool’s interior. A pure white cement is used in the mix to create a very clean finish, which is also a lot smoother finish than a standard pebble interior. The only small limitation is that the swimming pool must run as a fresh water pool for the first 4-6 weeks.
  3. Quartzon – A sand based render that has oxides (colours) blended through it, is applied to create a smooth, coloured finish to the swimming pool. It allows you to achieve various types of colours from whites to greens, to dark blues.
    Because of the use of colours in the mix, it is important to maintain very strict water testing and balancing routines if you choose Quartzon. If neglected it is very hard to remove any stains, calcium marks etc that may appear. This type of swimming pool must also run as a fresh water pool for the first 4-6 weeks.
  4. Jewels4Pools – This product is made from recycled glass, and is applied via a render to the pool. It is a smooth finished interior surface and there are a vast array of colour options available to choose from. While a dazzling finish in any pool, we would highly recommend it in shady or covered areas to really bring your swimming pool to life.
  5. Tiled – If you’ve been in a fully tiled pool before you would have marvelled at the smooth feel. Using tile also means you can achieve any colour you desire. This makes it one of the most popular options for swimming pool interiors.


Water features add a touch of fun, elegance and ambience to your swimming pool area. There are a variety of options that can be individualised to suit your needs and wishes. We can use block walls to hide sheer descents and spill ways, or mount deck jets and spouts in the coping to create a feature that will set your swimming pool and outdoor area apart. Let us show you during a no obligation site visit some the portfolio of work we have created for other Brisbane swimming pool owners.

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