We believe a customised pool is a great solution for a Brisbane home owner wanting to build a swimming pool. 

Here’ why you should consider a concrete pool:

  1. It’s versatile: customise a swimming pool design to meet your individual taste and style – stand out from the crowd.
  2. It’s durable: correctly engineered and built, concrete swimming pools will last for generations, standing up to the Brisbane weather.
  3. Increase your home’s value: Real Estate agents confirm that a concrete swimming pool designed to enhance your outdoor living maximises the overall value of your property.
  4. It finishes beautifully: you can extend the inside style and theme from the inside to the outside of your home with a concrete swimming pool because there are so many more options not just in shape, but colour.

After your plans are Council approved we don’t start excavation. That’s not a typo. Prior to earth works, John and the team complete a comprehensive mark out and setting of the final placement of the swimming pool and any features – this means any last minute changes or alterations can be made.

On the day of excavation we bring in the required equipment accompanied by one of Eco Pool Solutions’ Brisbane-based site managers. All our site managers are experienced in building swimming pools and can answer any questions you may have during the build. This means you will have one point of contact who will communicate with all workmen on-site and manage all elements of the pool build.


This is where our team of steel fixers follow the engineers’ approved plans to lace the swimming pool with steel bar. This is essentially the skeleton of the pool that helps the concrete conform to Brisbane’s unique soil make-up and semi-tropical climate.

Plumbing happens now too, along with the addition of any of the other swimming pool features you’ve chosen including skimmer boxes, pool returns, heating provisions and lighting

Also, if you have chosen to install your pool with the industry leading Paramount PCC 2000 Infloor Cleaning System, we will place all relevant plumbing throughout the pool according to your individual Hydraulic Plans.


This is the fun part for the client. You will see the pool take ‘solid’ shape. Our experienced pumpers transfer concrete from the trucks to the pool and begin spraying it in key positions of the pool. Then our cutters begin their important job shaping the pool to meet the design and engineering requirements. Eco Pools employ the best cutters in Brisbane for this important part of the swimming pool build.

Once swimming pool shell is complete the concrete cures for 28 days to achieve the strength required before any finishes are applied.

During 28 days, we ask clients to water the swimming pool shell once or twice a day for the first fortnight, to help the curing process.

  • After 28 days of the Pool shell curing, then the paving/tiling can take place.
  • Bedding is placed on the top of the Pool shell to level the pool, then the Coping is placed.
  • Rendering of the internal pool wall (to approximately 300mm below the Coping) i9s is completed prior to the laying of the tile band.
  • Any surrounding paving/tiling is completed at this stage
  • Depending on site circumstances, running of pipe work (etc) from the Pool to the filter area, would be completed at this stage (if they are not run during the shell construction stage).
  • The installation of the equipment can take place at any time during the construction period, this will normally depend on the position of filter and any plumbing that is required.

Step 6. Swimming Pool Electrical Installation

  • This component is normally the responsibility of the Pool owner, and can be done at any time during the construction period
  • Eco Pools will liaise directly with the Electrician to discuss what  equipment is being used and the demands it requires.

Step 7. Pool Fencing

  • Normally Fencing is installed after any paving/tiling has been completed, as this then allows for a neat finish with no cutting of the pavers around posts or feet.
  • Boundary Fencing must also be completed or existing fencing made compliant.

Step 8. Pool Fencing Inspections

  • A Private Certifier inspects the Pool Fence (and any other Barrier that is acting as one) and will issue a Form 16.
  • Form 16 will either state that the Fence passes or fails, with any areas that need rectification if it has failed.
  • Once the Pool Fence has been Passed the Interior can be completed
  • Normally the Interior is applied one day, with the surface being Acid Washed/Etched the following day.
  • We must begin filling the Pool directly after the Acid Wash/Etch.

Step 10. Filling A New Swimming Pool

  • The Pool must be filled in one continuous motion. If there is a concern that the pool will overflow during the night, then turn the pressure down to a slow trickle.
  • The Pool to be filled to the top of the opening of the Skimmer Box (the mouth of the Skimmer Box must have water in it to be able to start the pumps).

Step 11. Start Up

  •  Once the Pool is full the Filtration System can be started and the relevant chemicals (etc) can be added, and the Water Balanced.
  • Eco Pool Solutions recommends running the Pool as a “Freshwater” Pool (no salt, magnesium etc) for the first 4 Weeks. Eco Pools will then return and add the relevant salts to suit the system.