Are you the kind of person that views swimming pools as being precisely for swimming? If yes, there is certainly no need to invest in a costly and expansive swimming pool.

At Eco Pools, we specialise in lap pools for Brisbane home owners, giving you the best priced lap pools exactly how you want them.

Our Brisbane Lap pools will transform your backyard into one of the chicest looking features of your home.

Benefits of lap pools

The long and narrow design of lap pools makes them ideal for achieving and maintaining fitness while drawing innumerable health benefits; they’re mostly 50 feet or more in length, burning a sizeable amount of calories on each lap.

Lap pools may either be located indoors or outdoors depending on your preference. The only difference in either of these cases is that for indoor lap pools, they can conveniently level with your porch floor whilst outdoor lap pools, they should ideally be raised a few inches above ground to prevent entry of dirt.

It’s possible to fit lap pools in many narrow, lengthy spaces; most of the designs at Eco Pools feature rectangular lap pools. As a Brisbane resident, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to fashionably restructure your home. Hydrotherapy will also only be a step away on the porch!

As the proud owner of a lap pools, you have the perfect way to reduce anxiety and stress by simply taking a dive in. Your workout session will not only be pleasant but also help you in improving your flexibility and body posture.

Our Brisbane lap pools come in versatile designs

Ever thought of utilising the empty space in your outdoor dining area? We have the perfect solution for you in the form a lap pool that complements your house. 

Invoking a sense of serenity

Serenity is unmistakable; you might be reading your favourite novel while paddling the waters in your lap pool located just at the edge of your porch. Want it to be a heated pool? Your wish is our command. Our primary goal is making yours stand out as among the best lap pools in Brisbane.

We recommend a free site consultation with John from Eco Pools so he can help turn your dream into reality.