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Inground Pool Ideas in Brisbane

14 Inground Pool Ideas to Make it Stand Out

Planning to build a swimming pool, but don’t want it to look like everyone else’s? Then check out our inground pool ideas below.

1. Your swimming pool doesn't need to be square or rectangle

Bored by square or rectangle pools? Then have yours customised by Eco Pools. You can have a trapezoid pool built, or choose a round, oval, figure eight, or kidney-shaped one. A Roman-style or a freeform pool are also great choices.

2. Eye-catching ambient lighting

Swimming at night can be fun, but make sure to do it safely by installing some ambient lighting. Classic blue lighting is fantastic for night swimming, and the hot tub is illuminated by striking purple lights.

3. Build a tanning platform

Working on your tan and taking a dip afterward is easier thanks to a tanning bed on one edge of the swimming pool. Just put some water-friendly lounge chairs so you can work on your tan in comfort. This is also a great way for your pets to cool down when the sun’s blazing outside.

tanning platform in Brisbane

4. Coloured tiles

Make your pool stand out by adding some coloured tiles. Blue is always a homeowner’s favourite, but you can also use iridescent glass tiles as decorative trim in the waterline or in the coping.

Coloured tiles sample

5. Add a waterfall or two

There’s nothing more inviting than the sound of water cascading down your pool. A pool waterfall or cascade has a lot of benefits. It can circulate the pool’s water, as well as cool it down. It can also mask the sound of the pump while it’s operating. But best of all, it simply looks good.

6. Install a pergola

Add some Greek or Roman-inspired columns and install a pergola on top to make your pool stand out.

7. Unique lighting and shape

Homeowners can have their pools customised into freeform shapes. Adding some unique lighting on the pool floor can also make an evening party safer and more fun.

8. A submerged cabana

Parties are going to be a lot more fun if your cabana is located right next to your pool. Install an outdoor grill, sink, and some barstools and you’re ready to party this weekend.

9. Install a slide

Install a slide next to your pool and your kids will never want to leave home ever again. You don’t have to build those complicated slides you see at the waterpark. A simple yet safe slide is enough for your backyard.

10. Natural stone grotto

A stone grotto is a great way to integrate some natural elements into your modern home. You can also use it to integrate a fountain or a waterfall into your inground pool.

11. An island within a pool

Another fantastic way to make your pool stand out is to add an artificial island right in the middle. You can use it to add some landscaping or use it as a tanning platform.

12. Patterned tiles

Another way to add some interesting details to your inground pool is to install some coloured tiles that form into different shapes. 

13. 3D decoration

Make your pool more interesting and surprise your guests by using 3D decorations at the bottom of the floor.

14. By the fire

If you live in colder climes or you just want additional lighting during a party at night, then have your contractor build a custom fire pit. You can also buy one and install it near your pool.