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A Guide on Concrete Pool Construction Process by Eco Pools Pool Builders in Brisbane

A Guide on Concrete Pool Construction Process

There’s nothing more refreshing during a sizzling hot summer day than taking a dip in your own pool. Swimming pools are a wonder of modern engineering, but how are these amazing structures made from start to finish? If you’re curious, then let Eco Pools show you the complete concrete pool construction process.

Choosing the location and design, as well as securing the permit

The first step in constructing a swimming pool is choosing the perfect location in your property, as well as choosing the perfect design that suits your home. Your pool builder will then secure the necessary permits before the construction can officially start.


Once every document is signed, the area is excavated in preparation for the construction. The area where your pool will be constructed is marked by wooden stakes, and a backhoe is brought in to excavate the earth in your backyard. During this process, the contractor will make sure that the area is closed off at all times, and that there is no danger of hitting a water line or drainage. The excavator then ensures that the bottom is completely flat before the installers come in.

Installation of steel reinforcement and internal plumbing, and pouring of concrete

The pool base is filled with compact materials, such as gravel or natural soil. A roller then comes in to ensure that the gravel or natural soil is completely compacted before the bottom is filled with concrete. After that, the pool’s extensive steel reinforcement is installed on its sides and bottom. Once this is done, the pool’s internal plumbing and drainage lines are then installed. This is also the part when the provision for swimming pool stairs is made.

Installation of the pool's filter and pump system

This is the part when the pool’s filter and pump system are placed inside a concrete or metal tank. Afterward, the system is connected to the main water line.

Concrete is poured into the pool

At last, the pool is finally taking shape. Concrete is applied to the walls and floors of the pool, covering the steel reinforcements applied a few days prior. The installer then cures the concrete twice a day for 28 days.

Afterward, an electrician is called in to install power points in your pool. This is also the time when earth wires and pool lights are installed.

Waterproofing the structure

Tiles, ceramic, and other waterproofing materials are then applied onto the floor and walls of the swimming to make sure that the swimming pool is waterproof.

Installation of the pool coping

The coping is located on the edge of the pool, and this is where you sit, stand, or walk. Apart from being decorative, it is also functional as it protects the walls of the pool and it is necessary for the swimmers’ safety. This is also the time when a pool deck may be built.

Applying the finish

The pool is cleaned for the final time before a finish is applied. It is allowed to cure for at least 24 hours before it is acid washed. Once this is done, the structure will be filled with water and you are now ready to enjoy your new swimming pool.

Keep in mind that there will be inspections during and after the construction of your swimming pool. Plus, you’ll need to have a fence built following city council specifications, and this will also be inspected and approved before you can use the pool. The whole process — from securing the permits to filling the pool with water — can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks.