Birkdale Pool Builders

Do you want a pool that will last a lifetime and look aesthetically amazing, at the same time? Birkdale Pool Builders can help bring the pool of your dreams to life!
This is the best time to add a pool to your property! With Birkdale Pool Builders, you can be confident that we’ll bring out the best of our inground and fibreglass pool construction services. Whatever kind of pool you have in mind, we are here to make it into reality! Let’s discuss your pool plans further.

Concrete Swimming Pools Birkdale

On the other hand, if you’re keen on details and have a pool design preference, we highly suggest that you build with concrete. Concrete pools are highly customisable but they would take several months to finish and are costlier compared to fibreglass.

Birkdale Pool Design and Landscaping

Birkdale Pool Landscaper

Give your pool area the glamour it needs by having Birkdale Pool Landscapers do your landscaping design! From desks to water features and retaining walls, we’ll assist you with your pool needs! Contact Birkdale Pool Builders for more details. Let’s talk!

Recommended Pool Dimensions

Best pool dimensions:
  • Plunge pool: 5 × 3 metres, 6 × 4 metres to 7 × 3 metres
  • Average family pool sizes: 7 × 3 metres, 8 × 4 metres or 9 × 4 metres
  • Typical lap pools sizes: 9 × 2.5 metres, 10 × 3 metres to 15 × 3 metres
Birkdale Plunge Pools
These small-sized pools are fit for any small-spaced backyard! Actually, whether you have a big space or a small one, this would fit perfectly if you want to just lounge around or have a mini-spa on your property. You can add water features, too.
Birkdale Vanishing Edge Pools
Infinity pools are gaining popularity, nowadays! If you have a sloping land, this would be the perfect pool to build. It extends to the horizon and the view is just breathtaking!
How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?
The timeline depends on your pool layout and added features. Usually, it takes 2 to 5 months to finish building a concrete pool as it involves stages like inspection, design, pre-construction, construction, and finishing process.
What’s the Cost Estimate of Pool Building in Birkdale?
There are many things to consider when pricing the construction of a pool. That includes the complexity of construction, the number of features, measurement, and the finishes. Of course, the cost is worth it. Your pool can add value to your property and at the same time, it’s where you can make memories with your friends and family, too.
Choose the Best Birkdale Pool Builder
Be sure to hire builders that are licensed and qualified for the job. Birkdale Pool Builders team is composed of such professionals who will make sure that you get the pool of your dreams.