Manly Pool Builder

Have you been thinking for a while now to have a pool on your property? Perfect! Manly Pool Builders is here to make that happen!
Fight off the Summer heat, without having to go to a resort, and build the pool of your dreams in your backyard. May it be inground pools or fibreglass, we are here to serve Manly and its surrounding suburbs.
You can choose from our variety of pools- from the simplest plunge pool to the edgeless infinity pool with a spectacular view. Be open to discuss your design preferences and we’ll be more than happy to make it happen. Our goal is not just to build pools that are aesthetically captivating, but also of high quality and cost-effective so that it can be a good investment, too.

Concrete Pools Manly

With concrete pools, the customisation options are endless. Share your design ideas with Manly Pool Builders and we’ll make it happen. Although concrete pools take longer to complete, they are more flexible when it comes to how you want it to look.

Pool Design and Landscaping Manly

Manly Landscaping
Do you want to give your outdoor area an extra flair? Our Manly Pool Builders team can meet your landscaping needs. Whether it’s decks, pool fencing, and water features, we can beauty any area of your house! Contact us now for more details on how.

Best Pool Sizes

Here are some of the in-demand pool sizes:
  • Plunge pool: 5 × 3 metres, 6 × 4 metres to 7 × 3 metres
  • Average family pool: 7 × 3 metres, 8 × 4 metres or 9 × 4 metres
  • Typical lap pool: 9 × 2.5 metres, 10 × 3 metres to 15 × 3 metres

Manly Plunge Pools

These are 4-5m long pools that are usually used for leisure, lounging, or spa purposes. This is the best fit for areas with narrow or limited space.

Manly Infinity Edge Pools

Wanna be one with nature? Opt for our famous zero edge pool. They are best built on sloping terrain.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

It varies depending on the details of the construction. But the standard timeframe would be from 2 to 5 months.

How Expensive Are the Pools in Manly?

As time varies depending on the construction details, so does the cost.
It may look too expensive to buy but just think of the long-term investment. It could be an area of your property where you and your family can enjoy.

Selecting the Finest Manly Swimming Pool Builder

It is essential to make the right decision when it comes to selecting a pool builder. At Manly Pool Builders, we believe in involving you every step of the way. It is our joy to see the pool of your dreams come to life.