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Safe Swimming Pool Fencing

glass swimming pool fencingEvery Queenslander knows you can’t comprise on pool fences. Keeping your family and friends safe is top priority! But with so many new pool fencing options around, you don’t need to compromise on looks, to keep the space safe and compliant with State Government regulations.

Just like the right fence around your home, the right pool fence can add value and make your swimming pool oasis all that more enjoyable.

After locking in your pool location and design, start thinking about fencing.

The design of the fence should complement what you’ve got going on with the house. The fencing, landscaping and tiling around your pool shouldn’t look like an after thought.

Start by considering what you already have or are planning for your outdoor space. Will the fence need to seamlessly integrate with a gazebo, cabana, alfresco dining or a dual indoor/outdoor living space? The pool and fence should be a beautiful extension to what is there.


Restrictions that apply to some properties may affect the location, height, design and material of the fence barrier. These may include, but are not limited to, land prone to bushfires, flooding or sea level change; foreshore building zones or additional public places with setback restrictions; heritage sites; land subject to drainage easements with overland flow paths; and rights of carriageway or walkways.


Privacy is another factor. There are pool fencing options available that can minimise noise travelling to your neighbours when you and the family are having friends around for a pool party.


When considering pool fencing, think about where the pool filter and pumps will be located and what else will be within the fenced area.

Are you planning a grassed or paved zone for daybeds and other furniture? How will thise style with the finishing of the fence you’re considering?

What existing wall or fence do you need to work with? What colour, finish, height and material is it? Can it be altered to something visually appealing but still strong enough and climate resistant? Anchoring your pool area and fence to an existing wall can change the visual effect with treatments like rendering. In general ou can use aluminum and glass pool fencing.


Check out our Eco Pools photo gallery to see some of the fencing solutions we’ve provided other pool owners, or call us for a site visit. Once we know what you’re working with, we can recommend a safe, compliant but still visually appealing solution for your swimming pool.


Queensland Government regulations (here is a summary but check the Queensland Government website for more) :

Swimming pool barriers

Swimming pools must have a barrier which:

(a) is continuous for the full extent of the hazard; and

(b) is of a strength and rigidity to withstand the foreseeable impact of people; and

(c) restricts the access of young children to the pool and the immediate pool surrounds, including access from class 1, 2 or 3 buildings or class 4 parts of buildings located within or outside the poolarea; and

(d) has any gates fitted with latching devices not readily operated by young children, and constructed to automatically close and latch; and

(e) except for indoor swimming pools, does not incorporate any doors providing access to or from a building.


Regardless of the fencing you would like, make sure you contact Eco Pools. As a leading swimming pool builders, we are able to advise you on what will work best on your property.