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What is the right concrete pool size for you? - Eco Pool Builder Brisbane

What is the right concrete pool size for you?

All through the years, a lot of people have been wondering – what is a good size swimming pool? This is a crucial question to consider. Why, you ask? It is because you cannot adjust the form and composition of the pool once it has been installed. It would be best if you were firm with the dimensions that you would finalize because you cannot really undo what you have constructed. As someone who is planning to build a swimming pool, how would you know what dimension you are going to pick for your swimming pool?

Who would use the swimming pool?

It would help if you considered a lot of things when you are deciding on the appropriate size of the swimming pool. Primarily, you have to figure out who would use the pool. Are the adults the only ones who can plunge in the pool? Or will the kids be included as well? If you have kids at home, then you may want to level the size to suit them as well. To gauge what is a good size swimming pool, Eco Pool Solutions further suggest homeowners ascertain how frequently they would utilize the swimming pool.


To further identify what is a good size swimming pool, try to decipher if you would need to put a patio area beside it. Most people would be needing approximately 50 to 80 square meters of patio. That would be sufficient for a set of chairs and a table, a safe walking space, and some chaise lounges.

A tip from Eco Pool Solutions: Place most of the patio in one or two areas only.

Professional Use

Thanks to tether systems, you can actually convert any swimming pool into a lap pool. But if you really want to do laps in your swimming pool, you have to set your pool’s dimensions before building it. We suggest that you opt for a swimming pool that is at least 10 meters long. This way, you can swim laps efficiently.

Setbacks of the Swimming Pool

Before finalising the dimensions of your pool, you have to foresee what problems you may encounter should you settle with a more diminutive size. It will really help if you ensure that you have a sufficient area for other things that you would like to place in your backyard. These things include the items that you would use in your hobbies like gym equipment or a barbecue.

Entertainment purposes

As much as possible, we do not really suggest determining the size of your swimming pool based on how many events that you would hold in your household. This is because, realistically speaking, it is uncommon that more than half of the guests would be swimming simultaneously in any event. With this said, always keep a comfortable walking space around your pool. So if by chance there are events that will take place, everyone will be comfy around your swimming pool.