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Where to position your inground pool


Whether you’re starting your block from scratch, or already in an existing house, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face, after deciding on a new swimming pool, is where to put it.

I meet with new clients daily and there are so many things to consider. From privacy, sunlight and accessibility to existing trees or things like sheds, it can seem overwhelming. The good news is though, there are many many options to make your family pool the oasis you’ve dreamed of.

Here is some advice to take help you choose your pool’s position.


Take a look at what you’re working with. Where does the sun rise and fall? If you’ve got plenty of natural light chances are you’ll get more when you sell, and save on your power and heating bills, and pool will be that much more enticing if you sell down the track. Just like any outdoor area, north facing pools are generally more appealing.

What lies beneath?

I recommend looking below before you choose your shape. Check sloping land. Not a lot of blocks in Queensland are flat blocks these day. A sloping block does work though because with the right landscape and layout you can use the slope to your advantage.

Also contact your local council for any plumbing and sewage plans, especially if you’re renovating and adding a swimming pool to an older property. You want to know where your pipes are. And if you can, take note of underground rocks and roots.

What is underground can help determine if a cascading infinity pool, a tropical oasis or lap pool is going to work for you. Add to that too whether an in-ground or partial in-ground pool solution is right for the aesthetics and environment and the decision becomes easier.

Size can matter

Having a smaller space isn’t a problem, but it is important to consider that if the pool is close to your house, you want to make sure you’ve got room to move and laze around but still have a seamless connection.

If you’ve got more room, you’ve got more options. Either way, a small or larger pool set-up can be equally appealing. It’s about what suits your family, your lifestyle and your block.

I’ve always said at Eco Pools, we haven’t found a pool we couldn’t place, or a swimming dream we couldn’t make happen so hit us up for a site visit. Many happy customers have used us as their pool builders. We can help look at options that work for you. Also, check out our gallery and see the pool and landscaping solutions we have done for all different blocks.