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Best Brisbane City Swimming Pools Where You Can Cool Down This Summer

6 Best Brisbane City Swimming Pools Where You Can Cool Down This Summer

Ah, the joys of living in this city. You’re never more than several minutes away from the beach. And if for some reason, the beach is unavailable or you live too far away from the coast, then there’s always the best public pools scattered all over the city.

People have always asked us where the best Brisbane city pools are, and we have given in to this very popular demand. So, without further ado, check out the best Brisbane city pools where you can cool down this summer.

Brisbane Aquatic Centre

Conveniently located within the Sleeman Sports Complex, the Brisbane Aquatic Centre has long been a local favourite. The centre comprises four different swimming pools. One is a 50 metre Olympic-size indoor pool for those who want to get away from the sun or for when it’s raining outside.

It also includes a smaller 25 metre heated pool, a dive pool, and a 50 metre outdoor pool. It is located 15 kilometres from the Brisbane central business district, so it’s only several minutes drive if you live in the heart of the city.

Check out this webpage for Brisbane Aquatic Centre’s hours of operation.

Mount Gravatt East Aquatic Centre

Sitting right next to Mount Gravatt East State School, this aquatic centre boasts different pools to suit different types of swimmers. There’s a heated indoor pool and an outdoor pool. You and your kids can also enjoy the centre’s saltwater pool and 25-metre one. If swimming laps is not your thing, then you can always hit the gym or the cafe located on the centre’s premises.

Take a look at this page for Mount Gravatt East Aquatic Centre’s hours of operation.

Musgrave Park Swim Centre

The Musgrave Park Swim Centre isn’t just for swimming enthusiasts as it also offers aqua aerobics and group fitness lessons. It features a heated outdoor pool (50 metres), as well as a swimming pool built specifically for those trying to learn how to swim. With tennis and basketball courts in the vicinity.

Check out this page for this Brisbane city pool’s opening hours.

Centenary Aquatic Centre

First built in 1959, the Centenary Pool is one of the oldest public pools in Brisbane. It features a 50 metre heated outdoor pool, an indoor programmes pool, a kiddie pool, and a dive tower.

Check out the Centenary Aquatic Centre’s website for hours of operation and entrance fees.

Chermside Aquatic Centre

The Chermside Aquatic Centre isn’t just for people looking to exercise and stay fit by swimming. Chermside is the city’s largest water park and pool complex, and it features a variety of pools that will make everyone in the family happy.

The site features a 25 metre heated lap pool, a kiddie pool, and a water park complete with slides. Birthdays can be held here, and it has a café on the premises for those who are famished after swimming several laps.

Check out this Chermside Aquatic Centre’s website to learn more.

Wynnum Wading Pool

Wynnum Pool is not exactly a swimming pool. But it’s free, it’s great for kids, and it’s near the ocean, so what more could you ask for? It was built back in 1932, making it one of the oldest pools in the city. Saltwater fills in the pool come high tide, and the water remains shallow all year round. This makes it a great way for kids to experience the ocean without fear of getting swept away by riptide.