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Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

There are several swimming pool fencing options available to homeowners in Brisbane. Some homeowners prefer pool fences made of metal. Others, on the other hand, prefer glass pool fencing, specifically frameless ones.

If you’re going to ask us which type of pool fencing we recommend, then we’d pick frameless glass fencing for pools. Check out the reasons why our team at Eco Pools really likes this type of swimming pool fencing.

Glass pool fences keep you, your children, and your pets safe

glass pool fence

There are many areas in a house that are dangerous for unattended children. The living room with power sockets that your child can easily reach. Your garden where they can find toxic plants or sharp tools. And of course, there’s the swimming pool. A place where they can wander and fall into should you fail to monitor their location and what they are up to.

But protecting your children from injury (or worse, death by drowning) is easy. You can do this by having a fence made of glass installed and ensuring that it complies with the regulations set by the government. 

The best swimming pool fences are crafted from very thick toughened safety glass, and reinforced by sturdy corrosion-resistant steel spigots. These materials ensure that the glass fence lasts a long time and would not shatter under the heat of the sun or even when it comes into contact with light impact.  

Worried that the glass pool fence might have sharp edges and could cut you or any family member when you touch it? No need to worry because the edges are polished to smooth bevelled edges to prevent cuts.

In addition, we utilise Hilti rods and other anchoring elements to ensure that the fence is safe and secure even when installed on top of high-rise buildings.

It boosts your pool’s beauty and elegance

Don’t get us wrong — a fence made of metal tubing is safe and nice to look at. But nothing says beauty and elegance like glass panel fences for swimming pools. 

With a glass pool fence, nothing blocks your view of your serene pool as you bask under the sun. Plus, this unobstructed view of the swimming area is also helpful when you’re supervising your kids while they’re playing in the pool.

It improves your property's overall value

Planning to upgrade or downsize later on? Then choose frameless glass pool fencing! For many home buyers, an elegant pool is fantastic in itself. But a safe and secure pool is even better as your prospective buyer need not have it installed.

Cleaning a glass pool fence is a breeze

To keep your glass pool fence crystal clear, just wipe the panels with a damp cloth before wiping them dry. 

Another cleaning option is to use liquid dish soap mixed with water. You can use this mixture to get rid of water stains and other types of dirt that make it cloudy. Rinse the panels with water afterwards to keep them clean.

Don’t worry about getting the stainless steel spigots wet as these are corrosion-resistant. 

glass pool fencing

Are you a Brisbane homeowner, and are you looking for professional frameless glass pool fencing installed in your home? Then contact Eco Pool Brisbane at 1300 792 161 or reach out to us at info@ecopools.com.au.