Brisbane Pool Builders

Ecopools offers you the best Brisbane pool builders to bring your dream-pool to life. Through our extensive experience and sheer workmanship, we are renowned for building the most alluring swimming pools in Brisbane and beyond. What’s more? Our Brisbane swimming pools building cost is affordable and will not leave a huge dent in your pocket. This is how we do it;


#1 Excavation of the designated spot

Once you’ve market out where you want your pool to be located, we bring in our excavator to take out all the soil and make a hole big enough to not only fit your pool design but also leave ample space for our crew to work on. As the reputed Brisbane pool builders, this space is crucial in the delivery of excellent results.

#2 Putting up wall panels and joining the pool kit

We recommend the use of the best material for a sturdy wall panel all around the pool, steel. This material is not only rust-free but offers tensile strength needed to hold the pool in shape once it is filled with water. As the best Brisbane pool builders, we line up the panels first to ascertain that they are of the same height.

The next step, putting together the pool kit, is similar to lining up the wall panels. We employ a slightly different approach though; by placing a transit at the middle of the pool’s shallow end, we ensure that the pool kit is uniform in height throughout. The often-used material for pool kits is polymer (plastic).

#3 the skimmers, wall panels and step in units

At this juncture, the lined up wall panels are immersed into the dugout hole and fitted firmly to each other. Our team of dedicated Brisbane pool builders then puts in the step in units as per your design and ascertain they fit firmly.

Atop the pool wall, we attach the skimmers which by all accounts we have to inquire from you; your design ideas are needed throughout the pool building process as our aim is deliver the pool of your dreams within the shortest time possible.

#4 Attaching the pool braces

These are metal rods placed at an angle to the outer steel wall. Their purpose is to provide unwavering rigidity to the pool when it’s filled with water. To further make sure they are firm, Ecopools, the unmatched Brisbane pool builders, pours in a concrete collar all around the pool for permanence. Your pool will neither cave in or out due to the immense pressure exerted on it.

#5 Floating the pool

This is all about making sure that your pool’s bottom is aesthetically beautiful and smooth as a baby’s skin. The different floating methods we use include foam padding, leveling out the sand and placing a pool liner or using a cemented floor; you get to pick exclusively which one works best for you.

#6 Rolling the pool liner out and filling the pool with water

These two final step require utmost finesse, especially with regards to the pool liner. As the best Brisbane pool builders, our years in this passionate trade have taught us to iron out any minor creases on the pool liner promptly. When it’s all done the pool is filled with water for you to dive in and have a thrill!

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