Brisbane Swimming Pools

Brisbane Swimming Pools

Do you want to stand out from the conventional Brisbane swimming pools?

Ecopools offers you a way out of this quagmire. By trusting us with the construction of your pool, you are assured of a flawless, fast-tracked process that will deliver you the most unique pool in your neighborhood.

Within a couple of months, your pool will be fully operational and an apple to your eye.

Though it quite a tasking assignment, our dedicated team of pool builders will go out of their way to make sure your pool is aesthetically different from all other Brisbane swimming pools.

Excavating the marked out area is the first step

At the onset, you might think we’re ripping apart your backyard. The excavator makes a big mess of everything but it is essential; we have to break it down in order to make it better than before. At this stage, the excavator digs a big hole resembling the desired shape of your pool. This applies to all swimming pools including conventional pools, concrete pools and lap pools.

The procedure followed in building conventional Brisbane swimming pools

Don’t get us wrong; we won’t deliver a substandard pool. Conventional pools are the ones most common with homeowners only that in our case, we will make the entire experience and the end result unforgettable.

To start off, we line up the exterior pool wall panels all around the pool, ensuring that every inch matches up to your design. The material we recommend is steel since it has tensile strength and won’t wear out as a result of being exposed to the elements. The wall panels are then put together inside the dugout hole. The plastic pool kit is input and aligned with reference to a transit placed at the middle of the shallow end; this is made out of plastic as the material does not react with chlorine and salts used in maintaining hygienic swimming pools Brisbane.

The skimmers and pool steps are placed in their desired positions after which we pour a concrete collar all around the exterior wall panels for added strength. Lastly, we float the pool using either foam padding, cementing or levelling the sand, whichever you prefer. All that’s left now is filling up the pool and diving in for a refreshing swim!

The Procedure for building concrete Brisbane swimming pools

First off, we install the plumbing which caters for the pool’s drainage; hygiene is thus maintained and the plumbing works tested hydrostatically for identification of possible leaks. The steel frame is installed on the sides and bottom of the pool; this provides a firm attaching surface for the concrete poured in through a hose. It also maintains the pool’s shape.

Gunite is then sprayed into the pool for a period of five days; this ensures it cures firmly without compromising the quality of your pool. The final steps in building concrete Brisbane swimming pools involve applying a finish on the inside basin, coping the pool’s lip and filling with water. Our expert pool builders ensure that your pool has a smooth finish with not dents or cracks.

We implore you to contact us here to get a free site consultation and the realization of your dream pool in Brisbane. We’re here to serve you awesome Brisbane Swimming Pools & Brisbane Pool Builders.