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Building a Swimming Pool in Brisbane in Winter season

Building a Swimming Pool in Winter

Building a pool in winter? It might not make sense at first, but it’s probably the best time of the year to build your dream swimming pool and get it ready by summer. So what should you expect during the process, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of building a pool during the winter months? Find out below.

Is it possible to build a pool during the winter months?

The answer is a resounding yes. Winters in Queensland are generally very mild, with average temperatures ranging from 10° C to 21° C. Unlike in some parts of North America or Europe, the ground in Queensland is not frozen, so excavation is not only possible but also easier. Snow is virtually non-existent in most areas in Australia, and it’s easy to pour concrete as there is no freezing condition to deal with.

Is it less expensive to build during winter?

Building a swimming pool during winter may be less expensive than building it during spring or summer. In some areas, fall and winter are considered ‘lean seasons’ by pool builders as the demand for their services drops considerably. And because of this, some pool contractors even offer discounts to prospective clients.

Pool builder availability

Another great thing about building a pool in the winter months is the pool builder’s availability. As we said before, not a lot of people want to build a pool during these months. It’s cold after all, and who wants to take a dip in freezing water when the work is done? But the good news is the builder’s schedule is less hectic, and the work on your pool can commence as soon as possible. This is also true for electricians, landscapers, and other tradespeople who might be involved in building your pool.

The builders can take their time installing your swimming pool as the queue of clients wanting to have their own pools started is shorter. The weather is also an advantage to the labourers if you want a quicker install. Because heat and humidity don’t bog them down, the workers can finish the work faster.

The best time to build that pool

Winter is actually the best time to build the swimming pool you’ve been dreaming of. The timing is just perfect; the laborers can take their time building the pool during the winter months and it will be ready come spring or summer. There’s no need to waste spring and summer just waiting for your pool to be built.

In conclusion, winter (or even fall) is the perfect time to build that swimming pool. Australian winters are very mild and will not affect the work much. The ground is not frozen and there’s no snow to deal with, making excavation during the winter months a lot easier. In addition, it might be less expensive to build in winter as clients are pretty scarce during this time. Many tradespeople are available, too, so you don’t have to wait too long before you can get a spot in their schedule.

If you’re ready to build a swimming pool from June to August, then check out the Eco Pools website. It has tons of information about swimming pool installation, how to maintain it, and how much it costs.