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How to Make Your Pool Area Winter-Friendly

Just because winter has set in doesn’t mean you have to close your pool and stay cooped up inside the house for the rest of the season. You still have the pool deck and the surrounding areas, and you can use them for a wide array of outdoor activities. Here are some Eco Pools-recommended activities that you can do to make your pool area winter-friendly.

Install a pool heater

Who said that you can’t swim during winter? Of course, you can, but you’ll need to install a heating system to make it comfortable and keep your pool open all year long.

Pool heating systems are fueled by solar power, gas, and electricity. If you want a pool heating system that can heat the water pretty quickly, then a gas-powered pool heater is a great choice. Electric pool heaters are also efficient and durable, and may be cheaper to run compared to gas-powered ones.

If you want something more sustainable, then check out solar swimming pool heaters. This type of heater is reliable and efficient, plus the system can be set up anywhere as long as your area receives a high amount of sunlight. Though it is more cost-effective in the long run, the initial cost of setting up a solar pool heater can be higher compared to other types of heaters.

Comfy by the fire

Spending time with your family and friends by the poolside during winter is possible if you have a fire pit outside. You can put some lounge chairs around it, or custom-build a concrete or wooden conversation pit around it. Throw some pillows on the seats and bring some comfy blankets, and you’re ready to enjoy the night with your family and friends. Fire pits can be custom-built, or you can buy one so you can bring it from one side of the pool deck to the other whenever you want.

Another great idea is to sit by an outdoor fireplace — if you have one, that is. Those lounge chairs will once again come in handy as you sit by the fire and chat with your kids or spouse while covered in a toasty blanket or jacket.

Entertain with ease

A party inside your house is fun, but sometimes you just want to take things outdoors to get some fresh air. All you have to do is update the area surrounding your pool to make it more winter party-friendly.

You can have a small cabana built near your pool and place a couch or some lounger chairs inside. If you want to take it to the next level, you can install a wet bar complete with outdoor bar stools, a sink, a small fridge, and a grill. Some of the most elaborate cabanas even have televisions installed for when you want to watch that rugby or football match with your family and friends.

The pool house, on the other hand, is a bigger, more glorified version of the cabana. Like a cabana, it contains a couch, a couple of lounge chairs, and a grill. While most pool houses feature an open floor layout, some even come with a separate bedroom, kitchen, or dining area. Homeowners can even use the extra space they provide to store some pool equipment and keep the pool area clutter-free.