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Concrete Pool Deck Ideas

An attractive swimming pool should always be a top priority because it can serve as the focal point of a house. But then again, that’s just the icing on the cake. Ensuring that your pool deck complements the beauty of your swimming pool is another thing. They will always come in one package. And if you do not meticulously choose the right pool deck option, you might end up needing more maintenance than you will ever want to deal with. Luckily, we have several concrete pool surround ideas that you can choose from.

At Eco Pool Solutions, we always ensure that our clients receive excellent service. As our way of helping homeowners, we have carefully picked these concrete pool surround ideas so that you will not have a hard time researching by yourself.

Add Tiles

Tiles are a great addition to any pool deck. Apart from being stunning to look at, they are also easy to get installed when using a professional. While they may be costly at times, tiles actually have attractive qualities which last for years and maintain their appeal long term also.

Use Exposed Aggregate

If tiles may be too expensive for you, you can easily opt for exposed aggregate. While it may be traditional, it is more affordable. Exposed aggregate creates a finish that replicates pebblestones. Hence, it is able to resist slips. To make that stunning contrast, Eco Pools Solutions suggest that you combine it in areas that have smooth concrete.

Opt for Stamped concrete

If an exposed aggregate is not your thing, then you can opt for stamped concrete. This is another affordable option that can replicate the appearance of rocks or slate. Moreover, it forms a textured surface around your swimming pool, making it a great place for sunbathing. We suggest that you go for stamped concrete if you have a wide area that will be demanding a lot of material.

Don't Forget Lighting

Swim all you want, even until after sundown, by putting light in areas that surround your swimming pool. Not only do they light up your swimming pool deck, but they also add to the beauty and ambiance of your backyard.

Fill it with Greens

Since you are already making your backyard sanctuary, why not add greens to it to make it more tropical? Plant several tropical plants around your swimming pool. Not only do they add beauty to your backyard, but they also provide shade and even privacy from the outside. Plus, these greens will make it seem like you are on vacation somewhere far from your home.