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Concrete Pool Surround Options

One of the major things that you should consider when you are building a pool is the pool surrounds. A pool surround refers to the hardscape area that surrounds the swimming pool, hence its name. Choosing the type and material of your pool surrounds is extremely important because it can affect its durability, attractiveness, and resilience. In this article, we are going to delve into different concrete pool surround options to make things easier for you.

When choosing from various concrete pool surround options, you have to ensure that its design will complement the exterior facade of your house. You could also make it your backyard’s focal point to make things more interesting. Let’s take a look at some concrete pool surround options down below

Stenciled Concrete

Stenciled concrete utilizes expendable paper stencils that would appear like stone or brick embellishments in new concrete. By placing a colour hardener on the unmasked concrete before removing the stencil, you will get the illusion of bricks or stones that have been cemented in the area. Among the different concrete pool surround options, this is a good alternative for those who want flexibility in their pool surround.

Stamped Concrete

Eco Pool Solutions also recommend trying out stamped concrete. This type of concrete creates the illusion of a natural slate. When it is stained or applied with colour hardeners, this type of concrete will look like a real stone. The only difference is, it is more convenient to place and maintain it.

Exposed Aggregate

When you expose the aggregate in concrete, you will create a finish similar to that of pebblestones. Aside from being attractive, exposed aggregate can resist slips, especially when the concrete gets wet. Eco Pool Solutions suggest that you contrast the exposed aggregate with complementing surfaces.

Coloured Concrete

When you use stamped concrete, you will usually incorporate coloured concrete as well. This allows you to imitate the colours of organic rocks. When colouring the concrete on your pool surrounds, the most used methods include stains and dry-shake hardeners. Eco Pool Solutions suggest using lighter colours for your pool surround. They are able to bounce back the ultraviolet rays and allow the surface to give off heat better.

Rock-Salt Finish

If you want an affordable and convenient technique to include texture in your pool surrounds, you can incorporate a rock-salt finish into the concrete. Apart from its very natural look, it also resists slips and other accidents. You can easily do this by spreading rock salt into the concrete and then cleaning it afterward. The outcome will be a stunning pattern full of speckles.

Brushed Finish

Another slip-resistant option in pool surround concretes is a brushed finish. As its name implies, you can easily attain a brushed finish by moving a brush over a recently poured concrete area. This is a rather simple alternative, but designs are not really all that when compared to their efficiency. As a matter of fact, a brushed finish allows colours to be applied easily to the surface of the pool surrounds also.