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Concrete Swimming Pool Ideas for a Sloping Yard

So you want to build a concrete swimming pool in your backyard, but it is unfortunately sloped. If you think that this is a problem, then we say otherwise! Building swimming pools is our goal at Eco Pool Solutions, so there really is nothing to worry about if you have a slope in your backyard. There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate when building a swimming pool in your sloping yard.

Traditional Retaining Walls

Regulations for Building Concrete Swimming Pools in Brisbane

For starters, we suggest that you try placing a “retaining wall” into your pool design. This is beneficial, especially for those who are interested in placing their in-ground swimming pool in their sloped yard. There are two major classifications of such walls. These include the segmented walls and the masonry walls.

A segmented wall is made by means of piling together concrete blocks that you have already cast prior. We think that more homeowners choose this type of retaining wall for concrete swimming pools since they come in different types of textures and hues. Because of its variations, it would be easier for you to complement the wall with your own design.

A masonry wall, on the other hand, is constructed by means of poured concrete or concrete blocks. Then, a small piece of boulder faces these blocks. This type of wall provides an organic and sophisticated look to your yard. When you want to incorporate a masonry wall into your swimming pool design, we suggest that you also try to include greens into it. By including a well-designed landscape, you will come up with an attractive and highly functional wall.

Modern Retaining Walls

At Eco Pool Solutions, you can also have the choice of integrating the newest styles when it comes to retaining walls.

Instead of the usual concrete blocks, you can actually have the option of using either huge blocks made of sandstone or organic bush rocks. More and more homeowners are actually asking us to incorporate these trends in their homes because their organic look blends into the greeneries of the landscape. At the same time, these trends add structure and texture in order to preserve even the sharpest sloping yards.

Another growing trend among homeowners who like the concept of retaining walls is the seamless combination of wooden panels and large rocks. The mixture of these two elements will create a contemporary yet highly cosmopolitan look. The size of the wood that you will use would depend on the degree of your backyard’s slope.


If you want to construct a swimming pool on a hill, you can opt to terrace the slopes instead of using retaining walls. When terracing, you have to make a succession of retaining walls where each wall is above one level than the other. The final outcome would look like you have multiple gardens beside your swimming pool.

There are a lot of benefits of terracing your slopes. Aside from maximizing the space of your backyard, you would also create an aesthetically pleasing view around your swimming pool. The colours of the flowers and the foliage will complement that of your pool. Moreover, terracing also helps prevent erosion and surface runoff.