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Small Backyard Ideas and How to Position your Concrete Swimming Pool

Creating a concrete swimming pool in your backyard takes some creativity and wit. But you don’t have to be a professional to plan the perfect pool. You can actually incorporate several ideas and strategies to have that perfect backyard that you have been dreaming of. With a meager budget and a lot of creativity, you can outsmart the constraints of your home. So take a look at some small backyard ideas for swimming pools. We have also identified ways on how to position your pool just the way we at Eco Pool Solutions would do them.

Go Shallow

One of the first things that you have to think of with swimming pools is depth. When planning to maximize your space, you have to make sure that the depth goes well along with your pool’s size. We recommend that you go shallow from the swimming pool base. Going shallow would be more convenient to clean. Plus, it provides more comfort and safety to users.

Incorporate Greens

Regulations for Building Concrete Swimming Pools in Brisbane

Why not include plants around your concrete swimming pool to make it more aesthetically pleasing? Moreover, adding greens will add personality and dimension to your pool. When doing so, we at Eco Pool Solutions suggest that you place them in a box that is raised above your pool. To make the raised plant box a little more attractive, you can add stones, tiles, or bricks that face the exterior walls. Another advantage of adding greens in your pool is that they can be a good area to place your drains.

Utilise Pockets

You may notice that some backyards may have some weird shapes that a conventional pool might just not fit on it. If you’re creative enough, you can create practically any shape that you have in mind so that you can maximize the space.

Take note of your backyard space

To further enhance the pockets, you can follow your backyard’s contours to position your pool. To do so, you have to imitate your house’s outline where it would cross with your yard. Eco Pool Solutions can design the shape of your swimming pool around the edge of your backyard.

Add steps in your pools

You might consider adding a tanning ledge in your pool as well. Since you are trying to maximize your space, incorporating a tanning ledge would be hitting two birds with one stone. You would not only have an area to walk through when going to the pool, but you also have the ideal spot for enjoying the sun.

Use the Walls

Finally, we at Eco Pool Solutions suggest that you would consider using walls. This is an essential strategy because it can help conserve your space. The walls aim to push the location of the pool into the edge of your backyard. Moreover, they can help to hold back the soil. We also love walls on pools because they can form a boundary for your property, adding privacy from people outside your home.