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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Let’s talk pumps. The best ones can save you money, and they’re good for the ozone too and that’s important to us at Eco Pools. In December last year, National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) identified energy efficiency as one of the biggest areas for consumers to save money.

Did you know that in homes with a swimming pool or spa, having the right pump can save you money on your bills, according to The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program? This is because the pump can suck most of your power bill – about 16%.

Swimming pool pumps are not currently covered by mandatory energy efficient regulatory frameworks like so many other household items are, but the E3 Program introduced the Voluntary Energy Rating Labelling Program (VERLP) back in 2010 so pool owners can choose the most efficient and economical pumps on the market. It is a voluntary program aiming to build industry capacity in areas such as test procedures.

Easily understanding pump efficiency can be tricky though, and only about 8% of the 90,000 pool pumps sold annually meet the criteria. Consumers should always check with a reliable Brisbane pool company to be assured they’re making the right decision for them.

The Australian government is currently investigating the costs and benefits associated with introducing mandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards for pumps, that will see a transition from the voluntary energy rating label to a mandatory one.

For more information about this, contact the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Email them at energyrating@industry.gov.au with Swimming Pool Pumps in the subject line. Or call Eco Pools, we’re committed to energy efficient, cost effective pump solutions.

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