Inground Pool Builders Brisbane

Inground Pools BrisbaneFor the most professional construction of inground pools in Brisbane, Ecopools offers you a choice among concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass categories.

We also give you a free site consultation general pricing of either of these pools here. Let’s now dive into the specifications of each.


#1 Fiberglass inground pools

Its surface, code-named the gelcoat, is non-porous and seamlessly smooth. With this, algae have nowhere to attach to and grow which drastically lowers your maintenance cost. With a constant pH that never fluctuates, you won’t be tasked with the never-ending application of muriatic acid to bring it down. As the proud owner of one of the fiberglass inground pools in Bribane, the time and cost spent on maintaining the pool reduce by a whopping 75%.

As the revered inground pools in Brisbane installer, it only takes us two to four days to install the shell. During hot summers, this is crucial as it not only saves you time but also reduces the installation cost drastically. Though not a cheap buy, the pool’s durability is extensive and suffers minimal damage due to the elements over time. Add its attractiveness and compatibility with salt systems and you have a perfect spot to chill out.

#2 Concrete pool

Due to varying design and sizes, there’s hardly a constant price for putting up a concrete pool in your yard. That said, concrete pools are always a worthy investment as they guarantee you continuous usage throughout your lifetime. Apart from their need for constant treatment and adjustment of pH levels, concrete pools require absolutely no maintenance and repairs. As the best concrete inground pool in Brisbane builders, we will work within your budgetary allocation to come up with a pool you will be proud of.

The procedure for building your dream concrete pool can be found here. Though a lengthy process that will take quite some time to complete, it is a classy option for those who want to turn their homes into enchanting paradises. You also enjoy the luxury of renovating the pool at any time. Ecopools provides you with endless renovation ideas which you can skim through; we would be much obliged to hear out your ideas and implement them promptly.

#3 Vinyl pool liners

Yet another of the inground pools in Brisbane option, vinyl pools are much more affordable when compared to concrete and fiberglass pools. If you are working within a constrained budget, we will be more than happy to share with you the various customizable shapes available at our disposal. Though most of them are rectangular in shape, all aspects including shape, depth and size of the pool are customizable.

Just lie the fiberglass pools, vinyl pools have a smooth surface that inhibits the growth of algae and other water plants. Their cost of maintenance is drastically low as they maintain the water in them at a constant pH. All the same, you’ll be required to change the water every once in a while to maintain an aura of freshness. Ecopools not only installs your vinyl pool but also trains you on how to maintain it with ease.

As the renowned inground pools builders in Brisbane, we offer you the best in inground pool solutions & Brisbane swimming pools. For more information about inground pools in Brisbane solutions and a free site consultation, feel free to contact us here.