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Landscape Your Pool To Perfection With These Pool Plant Ideas

Having a pool is a beautiful addition to any backyard, but it can look a bit barren without anything around it. Many of our clients have been asking us what they can do about this, and we always recommend that the best option is to beautify your pool area with landscaping – in other words, with plants. Here’s what you need to know about the pool landscaping process.

Why landscape your pool?
There are many great benefits to adding plants to your pool area. The right arrangement or collection can enhance your privacy and also provide you with much needed shade and wind protection. When it comes to how your pool looks, your choice of plants could transform your pool into a tropical oasis or a rainforest basin.

Picking the best plants
The type of plants you’ll be able to use will depend firstly on whether your pool is saltwater or chlorinated pool. Saltwater can actually poison and kill species that are sensitive to salt levels, such as lilies, ivy, honeysuckle and primrose. A good choice here would be to choose plants with leaves that have a waxy, silver or furry appearance such as bromeliads, cycads, palms and hibiscus.

If your pool is chlorinated, you’ll need to choose plants that can withstand contact with chlorine such as those with less permeable and tough leaves. Ornamental grasses are a great choice here, as are palms and climbing flowers and shrubs.

Other considerations
The last thing you want is for your pool plants to create even more work for you or to alter your property foundation due to root activity. To avoid this, choose plants that require little to no maintenance, are very drought tolerant and that don’t require much pruning. Choosing a deciduous plant will mean you’ll spend months every year sifting plants out of your pool and extracting them from your cleaner and pump. You will also want to check and see how deep and wide the roots of your chosen plants go, as certain root systems can actually creep underneath your pool and cause damage to your pool wall and foundation.
It might take a little planning and preparation to pick the right selection of plants, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re enjoying a beautiful, easy pool area all year around.