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The Hidden Cost of Picking The Wrong Pool Builders

Living in a country as hot as Australia, a swimming pool is more of a necessity than a luxury. Unfortunately, installing and maintaining one is expensive. The average backyard pool makes up a third of your annual power bill, using more electricity than a washer, dryer and dishwasher combined. Reduce these costs by choosing the right Brisbane pool builders to build or renovate your pool. Here are three ways they can save you money during installation.

    The right pool builder will consider your budget and pool usage when offering you heating options. A small pool or spa heats quickly with gas, reaching temperatures as high as 40 degrees. Homes with a large, sun-facing roof can use solar pool heating, where sun matting the same size as the pool is placed on the roof, heat water before returning it to the pool. Finally, a heat pump is most cost-effective if you heat your pool year- round. Has your builder offered you a suitable solution?
    When your pool isn’t a standard shape and has features such as steps and fountains, an in-floor cleaning and circulation system can be custom-engineered to your pool’s dimensions and design. This option is also useful if your family has allergies as this type of cleaner removes even the finest dirt and debris. A robotic cleaner keeps large leaves and debris from settling in your pool, skimming it directly from the surface. If your concern is silt or sand debris settling on your pool floor, a suction cleaner is best.
    Sanitation systems keep your pool free from harmful bacteria, sweat, skin cells and algae by oxidising the waste and destroying it with chemicals. This is done using salt-water ionisation or chlorine-dosing systems. If you or a member of your family is allergic to these chemicals, then a MAGNAPOOL System is an excellent option as it won’t cause skin irritation and is also environmentally friendly as the water can be recycled.
    The kind of pool that best suits you will be different from what your neighbors might need. The right Brisbane pool builder won’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; they’ll tailor your pool’s design and size to your needs, saving you money and ensuring you get exactly what you envision.