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Why Brisbane Pool Builders Are Suggesting Raised Rectangular Pools To Clients

Adding a pool to your home means that you’ll be faced with many decisions. Where you’ll want your pool placed and how big or deep your pool will be is something that most homeowners plan, but few have a think about what shape they want their pool to be or if it should be raised or ground level.

As Brisbane pool builders, we often recommend a rectangular, raised pool for sloping backyards. In addition to being fashionable, it also offers a number of distinct advantages.

Why choose a raised pool?
A raised pool is a pool that has its edge above ground level, extending downwards but to a lesser extent than a standard, ground level pool. It offers a number of unique advantages over standard pools that are well worth exploring.

The first thing you should know is that a raised pool operates and is maintained exactly as a ground level pool does and that you can add standard pool features to it with ease. The equipment needed to maintain it (pumps, filters and chemicals) are also identical.

This type of Pool Construction can be a more cost effective way to build where site access is very limited, as less soil needs to be excavated and removed. The tradeoff is that Form Working will need to be done to form the external walls of the Pool.

A second major advantage is that this type of pool construction can also minimise your need for Pool Fencing. If the finished height of the Pool is a minimum of 1200 mm above natural ground, this is then deemed to be acting as a part of the Pool Fence. It can be a great way to create a link to an existing Alfresco or Patio, without having to look through a Pool Fence.

Choosing your shape
A classic rectangular shaped pool with decorative concrete pool surrounds is a perfect choice, as it’s easy to cover and fence and works well with most garden landscape designs. It is also ideally placed when you’re creating an adjacent outdoor entertainment area near the pool. It’s great in modern homes and properties, making it a perfect fit for Brisbane homeowners.