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10 Step process to build a concrete pool in Brisbane

This 10-step guide relates to the process our swimming pool builders use, not the planning phase.

Step 1: Excavation –The digging begins

Step 2: Steel, Internal plumbing & concrete – The concrete pool will need to cure for 28 days & engineers recommend keeping pool shell damp for 14 days

Step 3: Fencing requirements & measurements – Who’s going to build your fence?

Step 4: External plumbing & solar installation can take place during the 28 days the concrete is curing

Step 5: Installation of power – Your Electrician can now install power points, pool lights & earth wire

Step 6: Coping & tiling – Can start after 28 day curing process is complete

Step 7: Installation & Certification of fence – Resuscitation sign must be attached to fence

Step 8: Cleaning of pool shell – Pool can be internally finished at this point

Step 9: Pool to be acid washed & filled with water within a 48-hour period

Step 10: Pool is finished

building a concrete poolChoose Eco Pools

There are a lot of steps required to get a pool built. You can trust the team at Eco Pools to get it right. We have been Brisbane swimming pool builders for many years and have a great track record.