Pool Builders Brisbane Excellence

Pool Builders BrisbaneThe art of excellent pool building has only been perfected by a few, Ecopools being one of the best pool builders Brisbane.

Our swimming pools are not only affordable but also materialize within the shortest time possible as per the contract. Once you’ve picked us to be your pool builder, you’re assured of seasoned expertise and unparalleled efficiency while at work.

We use the quietest equipment, ensuring you are not disturbed as we go on with our construction in your backyard. When we arrive at the site, we;

#1 Pool builders Brisbane will Excavate.

Using our powerful yet quiet excavator, we dig out a hole slightly surpassing the size of the swimming pools. As the best pool builders Brisbane has come to grow fond of, we do this to allow ample construction space as well as leeway for pool surfacing later on.

#2 Wall panels and the pool kit

The wall panels are the outermost layer of your swimming pool; we recommend the use of steel as it is a strong material that is not prone to rust or wearing out over time. By lining up the wall panels first, we ensure that they are all of the same height, the result of which will be an evenly flawless pool.

The inside pool kit is often made of plastic (polymer) which has no reaction with water. It is put together same as the wall panels only that in this case, we place a transit in the middle of the shallow end to ensure uniformity in height throughout.

#3 Attaching of skimmers, step in units and lowering the wall panels

Once the lined up wall panels are lowered, our pool builders Brisbane proceed to attach the step in units as per your recommendation; we offer basic step in design but if you have a unique design you would like to feature, we will be more than happy to comply.

Another intrinsic part of pool design you get to have the final word on is the pool skimmers; these are placed on top of the pool outline for decorative purposes. We comply with all your unique designs within a short timespan; you won’t tire waiting.

#4 Attachment of the pool braces and concrete collar

Braces are stiff metal rods attached at an angle to the steel wall; their purpose is to strengthen the entire structure by ensuring they’re at the right height as well as plumb. Once they’re ready, we pour in the concrete collar all-round the pool, ensuring unbreakable rigidity; your pool will neither cave out nor cave in.

#5 Floatation of the pool

The pool can be floated in either of these three ways; through levelling out the sand at the bottom, through using a cemented floor or through foam padding. As the reputed pool builders Brisbane, we are renowned experts in all of these floating methods and we accord you the luxury of settling on the one that suits your needs best.

#6 Rolling and Smoothening out the pool liner

Once all else has been done, the renowned pool builders Brisbane embark on rolling out the pool liner, of your favorite color and design, and smoothening it out to eliminate any creases; it won’t be an eyesore once we’re done with it.

Once the pool is filled in with water, why not take a dive in and enjoy your dream pool? That’s what we deliver. To get a free site consultation today, kindly contact us here for art of Pool Builders Brisbane & Brisbane Pool Builders.