Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane Experts

Swimming pool Builders BrisbaneYou’ve been yearning for a pool in your backyard but haven’t brought yourself to actualizing it; as the renowned swimming pool builders Brisbane, we are dedicated to breathing life into your dream at an affordable cost.

How do we go about it?

#1 Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane Excavate.

At the onset, you might think we’re ripping apart your backyard. The excavator makes a big mess of everything but in our defense, we have to break it down in order to make it better than before. For at this stage, the excavator digs a big hole resembling the desired shape of your pool.

#2 Putting up wall panels

Swimming pool builders Brisbane only uses the best material in pool building. Unless our clients specify otherwise, we always recommend steel wall panels as they never rust and are strong in handling the immense pressure exerted on them when the pool is filled.

#3 Putting together the pool kit

To ascertain that all the walls are precisely the same height, a transit is placed at the shallow end’s middle. Swimming pool builders Brisbane then puts together a plastic (polymer) tool kit in the same way as the outer steel kit; the only difference being that the material used is different.

#4 Wall panels, Step in units and skimmers

The wall panels are lined up prior to immersing them in the dug-out hole. This is done to ensure they are the same height which also ensures that the pool will be even throughout. As per your specifications, the step in units are inserted at this stage as well; you get to dictate the number as well as the position you want them at.

When everything is all tucked in neatly, swimming pool builders Brisbane installs a skimmer on top of the pool wall; again, you get to pick the skimmer-design that appeals to you most. All throughout, we make pool building an interactive process where you make all the choices!

#5 Attaching the braces and applying the concrete collar

Braces are stiff metal rods attached at an angle to the steel wall; their purpose is to strengthen the entire structure by ensuring they’re at the right height as well as plumb. Once they’re ready, swimming pool builders Brisbane pours in the concrete collar all-round the pool, ensuring unbreakable rigidity; your pool will neither cave out nor cave in.

#6 Floating the pool

To achieve this, swimming pool builders Brisbane adds sand to the pool bottom and smoothens it out with trowels. In other instances, the pool may be floated using a cement floor or foam padding as per the client’s specifications. Both of these methods achieve on goal, a seamlessly smooth pool bottom.

#7 Rolling out the pool liner

As the final pool building step, the pool liner of the desired color is rolled out and our professional swimming pool builders Brisbane survey every inch to iron out any crease. By now your pool is ready to be filled with water and you to jump in for a test!

When the dust around the pool has settled for a couple of days, we’ll come in and install the final touches including the dive boards, rail cups and water filtration system just to mention a few. Get a free site consultation of your desired pool from swimming pool builders Brisbane & Brisbane swimming pools here and it will be the most refreshing decision you’ve made yet.