Swimming Pool Construction Brisbane Experts

Swimming Pool Construction BrisbaneWith our extensive experience in swimming pool construction Brisbane, Ecopools assures you an artistically constructed pool accomplished within the set contract period.

At an affordable cost, we will help you realize your wildest dreams in the form of a swimming pool constructed as per your design. Here are the steps we follow in swimming pool construction;

Here is the Swimming Pool Construction Brisbane Process

#1 Excavating the designated spot

After marking out where you want your pool to be located in your backyards, we proceed to excavate the entire area, digging out a hole big enough to not only fit your pool but leave ample working space; the hole roughly resembles the shape of your pool.

#2 Aligning the wall panels and putting together the pool kit

Preferably, the wall panels we use are made of steel since this material has numerous benefits such as pressure resistance and being rust-free. As we formally commence swimming pool construction Brisbane, we ensure the wall panels are in line for the maintenance of uniform height all through.

In ensuring the walls are of uniform height, we place a transit at the center of the shallow end. The tool kit commonly used is polymer (plastic) and it is input following the same pattern as the steel kit.

#3 Step in units, wall panels and skimmers

The wall panels are at this point immersed into the dugout hole and our professional pool builders ensure they are lined up. Depending on your specification, pool step in units are attached during this construction phase as well; you get to choose where they’re placed and how many they should be.

To top it off, our renowned swimming pool construction Brisbane experts install the skimmer of your choice atop the pool wall. We highly value your input all through the process.

#4 Attachment of braces and application of the concrete collar

Braces are attached at an angle against the outer steel wall; they offer the necessary support to hold in the water once the pool is operational. They also prevent the disfiguration of your pool. To further strengthen them, a concrete mix is poured through a hose to fasten them to the ground alongside the outer steel wall.

#5 Floatation of the pool

You have several options to choose from here; your pool may either be floated with sand, foam, or concrete. The different floatation methods we use attract different price quotes as you will learn later on. As the revered swimming pool construction Brisbane group, either of these methods are executed with utmost finesse.

#6 Rolling out of the pool liner

What’s your favorite color? Your pool liner should match your personality and hence you get to exclusively pick its color and design. Once you’ve settled on the pool liner, our team of dedicated swimming pool construction Brisbane scouts every inch of the pool liner to make sure they eliminate all creases and other imperfections; it will never be an eyesore.

All that’s left to do now is fill in the pool with water and enjoy every moment! After all the dust around the pool area settles, we come in for the finishing touches which include installing the rail cups, dive boards, the water system as well as poolscaping. To get a free site consultation, kindly contact us here. You can also try our Brisbane swimming pools.

Our pleasure is in serving your Swimming Pool Construction Brisbane needs.