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Swimming Pools BrisbaneEcopools is your trusted partner for bringing to life all your swimming pools Brisbane ideas to life. Whether you want a concrete, indoor or lap pool, we have perfected the art of building the most attractive and resilient pools.

If you trust us with your pool, you will be appalled by the results which will be visible in a short time. You will soon hold the bragging rights for the best swimming pools Brisbane has seen yet. It is quite a strenuous process but here’s a breakdown for you;

We first excavate the marked out area

This is done for all swimming pools Brisbane constructions. The chief purpose being to dig out a hole big enough to accommodate your desired pool and its design; in the case of lap pools, the designs are all similar (rectangular shape) with the only difference being the dimensions.

Swimming Pools Brisbane Procedure

1. Installing Plumbing

The plumbing caters for the draining of the pool at the bottom; this ensures safe and hygienic flow of water throughout the pool. All concrete swimming pools Brisbane have to be tested hydrostatically to ascertain there are no leakages.

2. Installation of the steel frame

The steel frame covers the bottom and sides of the swimming pool. Being an anchor to the concrete, the rebar provides the concrete with a large surface area to adhere to and ensures the pool maintains its shape when it’s all dried up.

3. Spraying gunite on the steel rebar

Swimming pools are then sprayed with gunite over a period of five days; this time allows ample time for the gunite to cure maturely and results in an indestructible concrete pool.

4. Applying a finish on the inside basin, coping the pool’s lip and filling with water

These are the final steps in finalizing concrete swimming pools Brisbane. They are done with utmost finesse by our team of expert pool builders.

Procedure for constructing conventional swimming pools:

After marking out where you want your pool to be located in your backyard, it is entirely dugout to create enough room. Our renowned builders then line up the outer steel walls to ensure they are all of uniform height. Once this is achieved, the pool walls are immersed into the hold and knit together. Shortly after, the plastic pool kit is input and aligned with reference to a transit placed at the middle of the shallow end.

Depending on your specification, pool step in units are attached during this construction phase as well; you get to choose where they’re placed and how many they should be. To top it off, our renowned swimming pools experts install the skimmer of your choice atop the pool wall. We highly value your input all through the process.

You have several options to choose from with regards to pool floating; your pool may either be floated with sand, foam, or concrete. The different floatation methods we use attract different price quotes as you will learn soon. As the revered swimming pool constructers, either of these methods are executed with utmost finesse. All that’s left now is laying out and smoothening of the pool liner after which your pool is filled with water for testing.

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