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A Guide on Concrete Pool Construction Process by Eco Pools Pool Builders in Brisbane

A Guide on Concrete Pool Construction Process

There’s nothing more refreshing during a sizzling hot summer day than taking a dip in your own pool. Swimming pools are a wonder of modern engineering, but how are these amazing structures made from start to finish? If you’re curious, then let Eco Pools show you the complete concrete pool

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Concrete swimming pool pumps and filters in Brisbane

Concrete swimming pool pumps and filters

Are you already considering the equipment you need for your swimming pool? Then you would want to guarantee that you purchase the best items on the market. These include the concrete swimming pool pumps and filters. This way, you will not be bothered with any untoward errors that might ultimately

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What is the right concrete pool size for you? - Eco Pool Builder Brisbane

What is the right concrete pool size for you?

All through the years, a lot of people have been wondering – what is a good size swimming pool? This is a crucial question to consider. Why, you ask? It is because you cannot adjust the form and composition of the pool once it has been installed. It would be

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Concrete Pool Deck Ideas

An attractive swimming pool should always be a top priority because it can serve as the focal point of a house. But then again, that’s just the icing on the cake. Ensuring that your pool deck complements the beauty of your swimming pool is another thing. They will always come

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Concrete Pool Surround Options

One of the major things that you should consider when you are building a pool is the pool surrounds. A pool surround refers to the hardscape area that surrounds the swimming pool, hence its name. Choosing the type and material of your pool surrounds is extremely important because it can

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Water Saving Tips for Concrete Swimming Pool Owners

We all consume water in almost everything we do. But for us living in Australia, we want to save as much water as possible knowing how scarce its supply can get during extensive drought. So for those with concrete swimming pools, you may want to be a bit concerned about

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