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A Complete Guide on How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Cleaning your swimming pool includes vacuuming, brushing, and skimming. If you do these three tasks regularly, you will keep you pool spotlessly clean. It also aids to keep stains, cloudy water, and algae from occurring in your pool as seen in the image below. In fact, I like to compare

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Safe Swimming Pool Fencing

Every Queenslander knows you can’t comprise on pool fences. Keeping your family and friends safe is top priority! But with so many new pool fencing options around, you don’t need to compromise on looks, to keep the space safe and compliant with State Government regulations. Just like the right fence

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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Let’s talk pumps. The best ones can save you money, and they’re good for the ozone too and that’s important to us at Eco Pools. In December last year, National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) identified energy efficiency as one of the biggest areas for consumers to save money. Did you know that

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